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Terms & Conditions
1. The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 entitles the customer to a refund, credit of replacement when the goods fail to fulfil the function for which it was purchased or are of unmerchantable quality. In these situations staff should offer the customer a replacement or credit, however, they are entitled to ask for (and receive) a refund. If the goods have been damaged or opened then the manager should be consulted. These items are not covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act and it is at the managers discretion if a refund it to be given. 2. The Pharmacy credits form must be filled out with every product, that is either returned or exchanged and signed off by authorised senior staff, Retail Manager, Pharmacist, or Manager. A copy of the refund receipt must be attached to the Refund/Exchange form. The products to be credited are to be returned to stock if in fit condition, or placed in the storeroom in the credits box (not in a company’s returns box) but in the main credits box. One form per product. This procedure must be carried out accurately and completely as it leads to many hours of extra work and gives us incorrect stock levels which may lead to possible lost sales. It is vital that every senior staff member knows how to carry out the correct returns procedures on the till. No students are to process credits / returns. 3. Faulty goods found in the store should have a Faulty/Damaged goods credit form filled out and placed in the credits box (in a plastic bag if leaking). Inform the Inventory Control person. 4. Any cosmetic house product being sent back for a credit must have the cosmetic house credit and/or allergy form filled out correctly as well as a Credit Order generated. ( See below) This is essential for us to get a credit. 5. Cancelling transactions by card holder : Customer to phone store with transaction details. We will then notify BNZ merchant to cancel transaction . Funds will then be returned to customer via on line banking